About us

“LEPIM i VARIM” is a modern pelmeni network where we roll and boil our delightful pelmeni in the open kitchen every day.

White or green, red or black, fillings with meat, cheese, shrimps, king crab – this range of variety is harmonized by the evidence that they all are marvelously delicious . Come and experience how pelmeni may taste.

We deeply love what we do, and we believe that by offering our dear guests fresh and delicious food at a fair price we make this world a better place.

Our network today includes 21 restaurants in Moscow and 38 in the region.


To make pelmeni great!

Serously! Pelmeni are gorgeous, various, tasty, healthy and good for every occasion. And they definitely deserve your tender love.

To make best pelmeni on planet Earth!

We do it daily. From various ingredients, by different recipes – but always with great affection. Our pelmeni are 50% dough, 50% mince and 100% love, and we are proud of each one regardless the dough colour!

To make pelmeni modern and trendy!

We want pelmeni to shift from the image of a routine frozen food for students to usual and familiar food of a modern person’s dietary. Burgers, pizzas and sushi – move aside, will you?

To make kids full and their parents happy!

We do not sell pelmeni to kids under 7 y.o., we feed them for free! Children love our pelmeni and we adore children. Be sure that no kid will leave us hungry.

Mass media about us

During the time “LEPIM i VARIM” exist multiple media including incredibly reputable produced various stories and reports about our network. We carefully collect the most notable content in this section. Have a pleasant reading!