Our partners

And now, lets give word to those who have already become our partners


After the first encounter with “Lepim i varim” we understood that we really did like the atmosphere of the place and its founders, perhaps, because we are also young and beautiful.

Before I had my own pelmeni-house I was personally quite indifferent towards pelmeni, but now I completely adore each and every one of it in the menu! I do my best to limit myself with the “Russian Salad” but it all ends with a dozen of pelmeni every time.

My life gained new colors, I feel like new things are possible for me, my horizons expanded as well as my jeans size.

Saint Petersburg

After visiting the pelmeni-house that they even call a boutique in Stoleshnikov lane in summer 2016 for the first time, I completely fell in love at first sight with the place and made it clear that I should open one in Saint Petersburg.

Every single guest we had the chance to communicate with expressed its delight and joy. Everyone loves the taste, the coziness and the originality.


We have always loved to be the first and we wanted to become the very first partners of “Lepim i varim” team. Along with that, our close friend said there was no good place to eat tasty pelmeni in our city. Now there is one!

We feel ourselves great as if we have built a kindergarten or a playground – the thrill and buzz is almost the same. You made something bright, needful and essential no normal person can do without!


Having successful experience and alertness to contemporary environment, I clearly realized that my next business step should be made towards single-product conception. Firstly, I just loved “Lepim i varim” as the product, the content and the business process they offer. To me, this product uniqueness during the burgers and post-sushi era would have guaranteed a special protection from competition for years. It was both the most intuitional and logical option in my life.

This is the first time in my practice that I only get very good reviews. The word “good” also has its dimensions. In this instance it’s “excellent”.